773, a tribute to the place of origin

At the heart of the Carassia story are the region, the handcrafting and the determination to create something remarkable. Carassia 773 is a tribute to the place of origin. To the terroir. To nature. It is the interpretation of a singular year, reflecting the terroirs characteristic of that year and showcasing our dedication to making world-class sparkling wines.

We are proud that our vineyard, which first appeared two centuries ago, has been returned to the map - with cartographic precision to its original location - first traced in 1773. Year after year, our sparkling wines have proved that the place of origin - the sparkling terroir - is quintessential in the quality of the sparkling wine, confirming the choice of location.  

The uniqueness of the Carassia 773 comes from the exceptional conditions found in Carastelec Village. It is an exclusive and premium cuvée, emphasising quality rather than quantity, a refined blend of complexity, diversity and elegance. 

Carassia 773 is only made when the year has been exceptional by using the best base wines of the given vintage to guarantee sophistication.

Vintage sparklings undergo a minimum of three years of ageing on lees in our cellars, allowing the expression of the best years to shine through.

The maturation on lees takes a minimum of three years, sometimes even longer. Thus, each vintage is and will be a unique creation, with its selection of wines for the blend and its specific aromatic expression.


Carassia 773 Vintage Brut 2018

This cuvée is created using base wines from the outstanding 2018 vintage, which offered an aromatic diversity, strong personality and character expressions.  

Carassia 773 Vintage Brut 2018 is a blend of two traditional sparkling varieties - chardonnay (80%) and pinot noir (20%). The uniqueness of the Vintage 2018 lies in adding 10% of wines aged in large oak barrels, bringing strength and aromatic intensity and 10% malolactic fermented chardonnay, adding roundness and smoothness to the wine.  During the three years it has spent maturing on lees, the time has worked its magic, meaning this vintage comes to us with a creamy texture, layered complexity and refined elegance.

Harvest: 2018

Assemblage: chardonnay 80%, pinot noir 20%, 10% of chardonnay matured in oak and 10% MLF 

Dosage: 11 gr

Alc vol: 12%

Maturation on lees: 36 months



SILVER - Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championship 2022. (future release category)

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